Smartphones have made our life so easy and fantastic that we can do almost anything from video calls to photography and games to messaging. We become restless and feel handicapped if we don’t have our phones with us. But what is a phone without a SIM card? Your phone is like an island in this connected world without a SIM card.

A SIM is a small chip that enables you to manage the show. Let us learn everything about a SIM card.

FAQ on SIM Cards

  1. What do you mean by SIM?

It means the Subscriber Identity Module. It has a tiny chip on a plastic jacket that snugly fits into the pocket. Every phone has a SIM, physical or electronic. We can activate an e-SIM digitally, without the need for any physical cards.

  1. What a SIM does?

Its job is to store details to connect to a network to surf the Internet, call others, and deliver SMS using the 2G/3G/4G/5G system. You can remove it and put it inside other devices. Nowadays, people save contacts and messages on the cloud, but you can still keep them on SIM.

  1. What companies keep on the chip?

Every SIM has a unique IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) and an MSISDN ID (Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Network Number), i.e., your contact number.

  1. How do I activate it?

The activation process is quite simple. Provide valid documents to the service provider who handed you the SIM. Ensure that it is validated and in an unlocked condition.

  1. How do I remove it from my phone?

In older devices, take off the back cover. But Nowadays, the SIM tray is available on the side or top of the phone and should be removed with a PIN tool or a paper clip by inserting in the small hole beside the tray area. Do it gently, or you may permanently damage the phone or tray, leaving the phone useless.

  1. How do I insert it?

Put the SIM on the tray by matching the corner notches. It should sit nicely. Gently slide the tray inward. In older models, you may have to slide the sim into a pocket tray.

  1. How do I remove it from a Samsung?

As mentioned above, in older phones before 2014, take off the back cover and battery and slide it out. For newer models, it has an inbuilt battery. In that case, use a pin tool on the side of the phone. Pull out the tray and take your SIM.

  1. How to insert it into a Samsung?

The procedure is easy, as mentioned earlier. Older models have it inside a pocket tray. Take off the back cover and the battery. In phones released after 2014, you mostly find the sim tray on the sides. Use a pin tool and ensure to keep the gold contacts facing downwards.

  1. What is its price?

Several monthly options start from £11.

  1. How do I copy contacts to Sim tam hoa kép?

The usual path is similar to this: Menu–Contact–option–setting –copy to SIM. It takes a little time to send contacts to SIM. You may also have to choose contacts if you can’t copy all contacts at once. If each number appears twice, don’t worry. Two copies are on your phone, as well as SIM.

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