Typical RV Electrical Problems All Campers Experience

As you prepare for your trip, one of the primary things to do is learn more about your RV rental. There are several RV electrical problems that you should learn how you can handle if they happen on the way. 

As you set off for your adventure, you should not let anything come between you and enjoying your trip. However, sometimes you may encounter common RV electrical setbacks.

Maybe you are used to using RVs for your trips, but you may not know everything you need to know about addressing RV electrical issues. A little knowledge of how the RV electrical systems work is important and it will help you inspect your RV before you set off for your journey.

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If you need help in understanding your RV electrical systems, Cruise America will come in handy. It is safer to leave the experts to handle your RV other than correct anything when you are unsure what to do. Here are the common problems and how to handle each of them.

1. Microwave

If power is not reaching the microwave, you will find that the oven is not working and does not display anything. It may be that the AC on the roof is not working, as both use the same power.You need to check the breakers to the converter if you confirm the AC is working.

Confirm that the breakers are on first before you do something else. You should also find out whether the 120-volt power is working as well as the RV battery.

Sometimes the microwave could be showing the display, but it is not warming up anything. If that is the case with your microwave, there is a possibility that the microwave is broken. When your oven is broken, it is not easy for you to fix it unless you are a technician.

The best solution is to call for assistance. Call Traveller’s Assistance on their non-emergency number, 1-800-334-4110, for help and ask for a technician.


2. Refrigerator

When the refrigerator is not working, you need to know whether the 120-volt power system is the problem or the refrigerator is faulty. Confirm whether the ON button, and the Auto/Manual buttons are in the right position.

If your microwave is displaying, then it means the power supply is ok, so you need to check the breaker’s converter. That means it is your refrigerator that has issues.


3. RV Roof Air Conditioning Unit

If your HVAC does not run, most probably, the 120-volt power is not reaching the AV unit’s roof. Since the AC and the Microwave use the same power, you should confirm whether the microwave is running. If the microwave is working, then either your breaker or the converter is not functional.

The best solution is to troubleshoot to make sure the power supply is connected and functioning.You may find that the AC and the microwave are working well, but no power is reaching the RV outlets.

That is, if the GFCI has been interfered with or your converter breaker has some issues. Hit the reset button to see if everything is will be back to normal or reset the breakers.

At times you may experience issues with powering the RV, although it does not happen quite often. The cause for that could be that the breakers for the external power supply are off. You, therefore, need to confirm the connection every time you are using an external power supply.

If you find that the power supply is connected, then the other possible problem is that the converter’s breakers have a problem. You can reset the breakers to be sure they are not the ones causing the problem before you seek help.

4. Smelling RV

You may wake up to a horrible smell of rotten eggs in your RV, which you do not understand its cause. Although it is not common, it happens sometimes, and you need to know about it. Mostly it happens when the battery has short, and the best thing is to seek help. It is not advisable to try to fix that without an expert. Ask help from Traveller’s Assistance by calling 800-334-4110, and they will schedule a repair for you.It is important to understand your RV well before trying to solve any problem. Some of the issues require you to call an expert, although there are a few that you can try to fix. When you know what you are not supposed to fix, it will help you avoid trouble.